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Welcome to the Official Home Page of Gaither Vocal Band the Christian International Quartet.

The GVB clearly is a Christian group that ministers God’s love and the message of hope and salvation through their music.  Wintley Phipps, an Adventist minister and soloist has appeared on the Gaither Homecoming programs, and I believe Roy Pauley, SDA soloist also has sung with them.  However the GVB nor Bill Gaither are SDA’s.  They are marvelous representations of Christianity.  Thank you.

Pastor G E Blandford (Former Pastor Seventhday Adventist Church.

Bill Gaither himself often says that the Gaither Vocal Band was formed in 1981, but it was actually formed in 1980 on the spur of the moment before a concert with the song, “First Day In Heaven.” Not only did original bass singer, Lee Young confirm the date, one of their early performances of this song (with an explanation and introduction by Bill himself) can be found on the 1980 double record album, Live Across America. This arrangement is a little different than the one they eventually did on their debut album, the self titled The New Gaither Vocal Band in 1981. They chose this name because they didn’t want to be restricted to necessarily 4 singers. Steve Green thought of the name because at the time he didn’t want to be in a quartet .


Lee Young left the group in 1982, and Jon Mohr was hired as the new bass singer. They then recorded the album, Passin’ The Faith Along. Later, tenor Steve Green left and Larnelle Harris was hired. This group cut the New Point Of View album before Mohr left.

At this point the New Gaither Vocal Band became new, but dropped the “new” part of their name. Due to baritone becoming high for Bill and lead becoming high for McSpadden, Bill Gaither dropped to the lowest part (although they didn’t call it bass at the time), Gary McSpadden was moved down to baritone and Michael English was hired as the new lead singer. Although the previous album (New Point of View) had been more contemporary than its predecessors, the album with this version of the group (One X 1) took it even further. After this album, Larnelle left and was replaced by Lemuel Miller. The group did not record an album with Lemuel before he too left. He was replaced by Imperials alumnus, Jim Murray. They cut one album (Wings) before Gary McSpadden left to devote more time to his solo career. Comedian and singer Mark Lowry was tapped to replace him.


Although Lowry admittedly didn’t have the natural ear for the baritone part, or the experience, he added a great voice along with his comedy and soon made their sound more smooth. First planned to perhaps be their final album their Gospel roots project Homecoming in 1991, caused most Southern Gospel fans to welcome the Vocal Band with open arms. A follow-up recording called Southern Classics cemented their relationship with fans. Jim Murray left and was replaced by Terry Franklin whose tenor voice was heard on the aforementioned, Southern Classics. Later Michael English left to focus solely on his ever growing solo career. He was replaced by Buddy Mullins, who agreed to sing with the group while concurrently remaining with his family group, Mullins & Co., which later became Sunday Drive. Despite being only a temporary fill-in, Mullins did record the album “Testify” with the group, in place of Michael English, who had initially planned to record that album with the group.

Gaither Vocal Band1

Terry Franklin soon left and was replaced by yet another Imperials alumnus, Jonathan Pierce (formerly known by his first and last name Jonathan Hildreth instead of his first and middle name as he has been known since he began recording). Strengthened by the popularity of the Homecoming video series, the Vocal Band added Guy Penrod at lead, freeing Mullins to concentrate solely on his family group. After Pierce’s departure, Gaither hired David Phelps at tenor. After Lowry’s departure, The Imperials alumnus Russ Taff sang baritone for a couple of years. When Taff returned to solo work, Marshall Hall was his replacement. Wes Hampton succeeded Phelps in 2005.

Gaither Vocal Band - Give It Away (2006)

During the 1990s and into the first few years of the 21st century, the Gaither Vocal Band mastered the art of mixing classic Southern Gospel with Country and Inspirational styles. This gave the group a broad fan base that reached beyond the typical domain of Southern Gospel. Despite the immense popularity of the Gaither Vocal Band, they’ve only had two number one songs on the Singing News chart. “Yes, I Know” held the top position from July to October of 1997, as did “I Will Go On” in November of 2006. Other popular tunes by the Gaither Vocal Band include “Temporary Home,” “Let Freedom Ring,” “Count On Me,” “The Baptism Of Jesse Taylor,” and “When Jesus Says It’s Enough.” The group routinely performs classic Southern Gospel songs including many written by Bill Gaither and/or Gloria Gaither like “He Touched Me”, “I Believe In A Hill Called Mount Calvary”, and “Sinner Saved By Grace.”

The GVB recorded a reunion DVD and CD at the Gaither Studios in late July 2008. All but three of the former members were there. The three who were not there were Jonathan Pierce, Terry Franklin, and Lemuel Miller.

On October 02, 2008, it was announced that long time lead, Guy Penrod, was taking a sabbatical and that former members Mark Lowry and David Phelps as well as former Crabb Family lead singer and current Spring Hill soloist, Jason Crabb would be filling in. On December 7, Reggie Smith, who normally sings duets with his wife, Ladye Love Smith, also filled in on the spur of the moment, as a concert in Hampton, Virginia, was rescheduled, and neither Lowry, Phelps, or Crabb could be there.

Guy Penrod

On, January 13, 2009. Bill Gaither released on his website that Guy Penrod and Marshall Hall would be leaving the Gaither Vocal Band. Penrod was going to focus on his solo career. Instead, the Vocal Band would bring back some members of the past including Michael English as lead vocal, Mark Lowry as baritone and David Phelps as tenor.


The Gaither Vocal Band – Complete List of Group Members

  • Bill Gaither, Baritone (1980-85); Bass (1985-present)
  • Lee Young, Bass (1980-1982)
  • Steve Green, Tenor (1980-1983)
  • Gary McSpadden, Lead (1980-1985); Baritone (1985-88)
  • Jon Mohr, Bass (1982-1985)
  • Larnelle Harris, Tenor (1983-1987)
  • Michael English, Lead (1985-1994);(2009-present)
  • Lemuel Miller, Tenor (1987)
  • Jim Murray, Tenor (1987-1992)
  • Mark Lowry, Baritone (1988-2001);(2009-present)
  • Terry Franklin, Tenor (1992-1994)
  • Buddy Mullins, Lead (1994-1995)
  • Jonathan Pierce, Tenor (1994-1997)
  • Guy Penrod, Lead (1995-2008)
  • David Phelps, Tenor (1997-2005); Tenor/Baritone (2009-present)
  • Russ Taff, Baritone (2001-2004)
  • Marshall Hall, Baritone (2004-2008)
  • Wes Hampton, Tenor (2005-2009), Tenor/Baritone (2009 – present)

Although Phelps’ and Lowry’s tenures listed might imply that they were in the group consistently again since 2008, the four men who filled in for Guy Penrod from late 2008 until early 2009 took turns until David Phelps, Mark Lowry and Michael English (who had not been filling in) re-joined in early 2009. As Mark Lowry had previously scheduled solo dates well into 2009, David Phelps and Wes Hampton would switch back and forth on the tenor and baritone parts.

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  1. Guy Penrod is amazing…

  2. you guys are just the best.i love your music and it has blest me,all the best as you continue working in his vineyard.God bless you.

  3. How many are you and how did the rest leave the group


    • No! I’m not sure if this was written wrong or what. But the Gaither Vocal Band is not Adventist.

  5. The type of songs you guys sing should have tell me that?

  6. The type of songs you guys choose to sing should have tell me? I am so shock.

  7. Are you guys really apart of the Seventh Day Adventist music ministry?

  8. Is the gaither vocal band a group of adventist singers?

  9. Dear friends in Jesus I sallute you good up for God grace, please send to me your CD’s if possible through.
    James Maingu, Box 556 Usa-river, Arusha. Tanzania.

  10. Good afternoon to you the Gaither Vocal Bands, Its being nice listening to your songs and watching all the concerts and especially the Give It Away concert

    The Give It Away Concert CD was usually enjoyed by my 1 year 3months daughter, whom she shows her teeth following what Bill Gaither does in the song “I CATCH EM, GOD CLEANS THEM” when he shows his teeth carrying the fish with him.

    She loves watching the voices of lee, love can turn the world, worthy is the lamp that was slave, glorious impossible, signature sounds and the last song you gang sang “GIVE IT AWAY”.

    Thanks so much,


    Adi L. Bolea
    Suva Fiji Islands.
    (679) 3323026
    (679) 9365963.


  11. Hello Brother! I am happy today becase i got saved during your last summer perfomance in Sweden,,,i have joinned a Bible s school.may God bless yoy so much

  12. I am Kenyan by birth,i visited sweden last summer and i got saved through your singing.please i have joined a Bible college and i cant meke it because of college fees,,,here in Kenya we dont have shool fee policy,please help me in this area,,
    My phone number is 0722154485.God bless you…

    Yours faithfully Bernard Luta

  13. I love your music, and your songs has always serve as inspiration to me in all my Evangelical journeys. GOD BLESS YOU

  14. indeed the Gaither Vocal Band is the best and you cannot talk of Gospel music without the Gaithers

  15. The GVB has always been an inspiration 2 me, especially Guy Penrod.It`s never about how good you are vocally,it`s about your personal relationship with the Lord.When you have that relationship it will definitely reflect in your vocals……Guy you are that guy.

  16. I’m not sure who gave you the info about the GVB being Adventist. They are NOT. I am sure if they get wind of this site you might get sued. FYI. Don’t want a christian to get in trouble due to lack of knowledge. Hope you can fix this immediately. :-)

  17. I love all of your songs, with everyone singing them, I wish you were Adventist, I always say “Iam a christian who just happens to worship and honor on the same day Jesus did!”

  18. God bless you guys for such a wonderful work you are doing. Please can you do me favour? I would like you to send me the chorus of heaven’s joy awaits,i mean the parts as you started it in the video,thanks alot,hope to hear from you,GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

  19. Guys thanks 4 serving the LORD.u guys are such a blessing.pliz visit us too(africa)

  20. I think the moderator of this website have to clarify on some issues which may cause some confusion e.g. Neroe William on May 19, 2010 asked if Gaither Vocal Band is a member of Seventh Day Adventist music ministry. The comment by Arbanfield on the matter on Aug.21,2011 is a li’l bit vague! Please Clarify

  21. Hellow:
    2me everything z good when am with My Saviour Jesus Christ.
    Am Upendo G from Tanzania in Africa am a Seventhday Adventist I real like 2 sing and Am just try to make it.
    Frakly since I get the chance of hearing ur fabolous songs I feel like am in heaven.YOUR THE BLESSED 1.BE STRONG N I PRAY 4U all.

  22. You guys are sensational. I love your music. Keep up the good work of praising God through your music ministry. Ben Lomai, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

  23. I always enjoy the ministry of GVB and I enjoy watching the Gaither Homecoming Hour. May you continue ministering and being a blessing to others.

  24. Were can i download the song

  25. Were can i download adventist song

  26. So peace and perfect

  27. speech less to this man of god.God bless

  28. I love the Gaither Vocal Band, I am so blessed by the songs, Sinner Saved By Grace, It Is Finished, on and on and on, I listen every day to these songs and pray and the Lord pulls on my heart again and again and again. Please come with your revival singing to San Fernando Valley, L.A., Southern Ca., your brothers and sisters in Christ are here also. Please come and sing for us.

  29. I really like your music. Continue preaching the words of God through music.

  30. Where can i download your sweet music. I like it

  31. GVB is so amazing! Please keep it up. How do I get your CD? I’m in Nigeria. Thanks.

  32. My name is %name&% and first of all I want to say great blog.
    If you don’t mind, I just have one quick question. I was interested to learn about how you center yourself and open up your mind before writing. I have had challenges clearing my mind in order to get my ideas out. I really do love writing, however it just seems like the first ten to 15 minutes are lost simply just trying to decide how to start. Any tips or suggestions?

  33. I am a Seventh Day Adventist, I love your music and i I’d like to place an order but I dnt know how. Please help me

  34. im so blessed whenever i listen to gaither vocal band songz and its like they became part of my life.however i wish they get to know the real truth about the sabbath.i think that will lead them gently home othrwise may the lord continue to bless them

  35. su musica es mucha inspiracion aqui en Perù (huamachuco) sigan asi Alabad A Jehova!!

  36. I am a pensioner living in George, South Africa. Your music, CDs, DVDs have been such a blessing to me. Saw the GVB in Johannesburg with Ernie Haas & Signature Sound. It was wonderful and such a blessing.May
    our ALMIGHTY GOD bless you all abundantly. Tinkie Dumbleton

  37. for sure you sing like adventist singers! i rily love your songs may the Almigthy God bless you abudantly!

  38. living in uk I am a disabled female who cannot travel world wide to see the GVB but watch them via video or dvd or you tube I would dearly love to have the autographs for wes Hampton and mark lowry guy penrod and of course Michael English how can I accomplish this pls as I have no idea who manages them so I can email the manager of the GVB direct if u need my email pls let me know thanks in anticipation

  39. Powerful staff

  40. Hi gaithers I just want to ask when are you guys coming south afrika. Me and my family are huge fan of your music. Pritty pleas.

  41. i really appreciate you guys you really know how to sing can i invite you to my wedding in tanzania?my phone no is +255 712 55 24 24

  42. Does reggie smith now sing with the gaither vocal band?

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