A little bit about the Heritage Adventist ministry…


When Lucy and I started Heritage Adventist Singers ministry in 1971 out of Portland, Oregon, we had no idea that we would still be going strong today.  We had planned to commit to this ministry for one or two years, then go back to our “real” jobs.  Well, the Lord had a different plan and I’m so glad He did!  We’ve tried to listen and obey His will.  Oh, I’ve made plenty of mistakes, but God’s grace is amazing and He has been by our side every step of the way.  Heritage has traveled to more than 50 foreign countries and every state in the USA.  It doesn’t seem possible that it’s been more than 30 years already!  What a journey we’ve been allowed to experience.  One thing I have learned over the years is that when God calls you to do His work, you don’t have to worry about the details…you just obey and He takes care of the rest.  It really is that simple…but it’s not always that easy.

What a thrill it is for us as we travel around the world and meet up with former singers (there are more than 200 now) who have continued to use their talents for the Lord.  Some have gone on to become ministers, doctors, nurses, teachers, and some have continued on in music ministry either with another group or as soloists. 

We want to thank you for dropping by and we invite you to come again.  We appreciate your prayers and your financial support through your tax-deductible donations and by purchasing our CD’s and cassettes. 

God is doing a mighty work and I praise Him for all the He has done…and all that is yet to come!

Max & Lucy Mace

64 Responses to “THE HERITAGE SINGERS.”

  1. am JOSEPH OOLA from tanzania am a gospel singer and i like the way you are singing
    how can i manage to be like you and have time to be were you are and give you my cd audio i recorded please so that i can work with you please

  2. Hi Heritage Singers I enjoy your tantalise and soul smoothing music; Your voices are like angelic voices touching the souls of gods people.

  3. when i heard you all sing for the first time, it attract feels like living with God all the time..

  4. hi heritage singers I am a filipino. I live in a 3rd wolrd country. I am an advetist also. I really love your music but unfortunately I cannot buy your cd here in any christian bookstore. Even in our church here they don’t have any cd that is being sold here. I hope that you would distribute some of your cd here and have a concert hre in our country. more graces will bring t oyu by our God almighty.

  5. our church is inviting you for visit /prayers
    thank you
    yours fred

  6. hi guys your music is just amazing & its ablessing to hear you guys sing bit the unfortunate part is that we cant access your music especially in third world countries & idont know if u’ve bn making any effort to makesure that we’re nt left out coz we love you guys & we dont want to miss out seeing that our Lord & Saviour Jesus made all the abundant eternal blessings free to all,why should we yearn & thirst for it when its there so please bring it out to in zimbabwe

  7. Hi all…
    I really enjoyed every single song that you sing…You all have tremendously awesome voice.
    I really hope you can visit Phoenix some times :)

  8. I am an adventist believe in papaua New Guinea and my favorite gospel singers are Heritage Singers of America

  9. hello heritage singers…
    i hope that one day you can visit us here in the philippines…

  10. I am greeting you in the name of our Lord Jesus. Dear friends, i am a young man with the above name, i am living in Africa in a country called Tanzania.
    Friends, i am very glad with your songs, i would like to request for some CDs with songs. Can you please, send me even only four, please. When sending them use the following address, DANISH OTIENO. KWIMBA SDA CHURCH. P.O. BOX 41, NGUDU MWANZA. TANZANIA. AFRICA.
    I will be grateful if you will hear my request and help me. I am praying that God bless you richly, AMEN.

  11. Are aal the singers Adventist? I noticed the women wearing earings in a video I saw.

  12. Thanks for being good to shows us the way to pass through God purpose we well come you to our church in one of good day. Thanks

  13. Is possible to send some of your CD’s music if possible do it to me through.
    James Maingu, Box 556, Usa-river. Arusha. Tanzania.

  14. Dear Max and Lucy,

    I am the Gulf Section Coordinator of the Adventist church in the Middle East. History is about to unfold in this place. Inauguration of the first denominationally owned church and recognition of the same by the authorities is to take place in May 2011.

    I would like to discuss with you further your participation if you return an email to my address.

    Thank you.


  15. Whenever i feel anger, sadness or regret i listen to your music and it gives me joy, and clear perspective of things. In a way i feel drawn to God because he touches my heart, and i come alive!!!

    Thanks to you Max and Lucy.

  16. i love heritage singer!very beautiful voices.i love you all!

    frm: philppines

  17. heritage is the best!

  18. The Most inspiring group in my life ever since I was in Junior school till now God bless this ministry

  19. I really love you so much. I wish I could see you in Rwanda so that my people enjoy your gospel songs. You are blessed

  20. I always enjoy watching music videos of Heritage Singers…I grew up listening to that music…It was not until I converted to being an Adventist that I realised how sweet the music is to my soul…your music always touches my heart when I listen to it and it is a real blessing to me and my son.

    Bless you all!

  21. I really wish to hear the songs during the 1980s and 1990s. As there was no cable Tv at that time in my country,, we watched on VCR. How can i have those songs again???

  22. when I’d seen & heard you singing at Mountain view college, Valencia bukidnon Philppines, so dear to my heart & inspiring to my soul the beauty
    of all your amazing & golden voices. I wish that my gospel song compositions through the mercy and love of Jesus Christ my savior would be published & sung by all of you someday, chosen Greatest Gospel singers of the first & the last, the one who is knocking at the door of your hearts to published his songs he entrusted upon me.. Thank you so much with faith & trust in all of you…God bless

  23. To God be the glory for you Heritage Adventist Singers, and thank you very much to all of you.
    Having grown up, listning to your Christ centered songs.From the first album to now.
    God bless your ministry and love you all…

  24. when I’d seen & heard you singing at Mountain view college, Valencia bukidnon Philppines, so dear to my heart & inspiring to my soul the beauty
    of all your amazing & golden voices. I wish that my gospel song compositions through the mercy and love of Jesus Christ my savior would be published & be sung by all of you someday, chosen Greatest Gospel singers of the first & the last, the one who is knocking at the door of your hearts to published his songs he entrusted upon me.. Thank you so much with faith & trust in all of you…God bless

  25. when I’d seen & heard you singing at Mountain view college, Valencia bukidnon Philppines, so dear to my heart & inspiring to my soul the beauty
    of all your amazing & golden voices. I wish that my gospel song compositions through the mercy and love of Jesus Christ my savior would be published & sung by all of you someday, chosen Greatest Gospel singers of the first & the last, the one who is knocking at the door of your hearts to publish his songs he entrusted upon me.. Thank you so much with faith & trust in all of you…God bless

  26. Thanks Heritage for your ministry, I love all the songs and have brought me closer to the lord.. God bless you all and keep singing till he comes..

  27. I am inspired by your zeal and efforts in spreading the gospel to the world.Been listening to your songs since I was a tot and hope to hear more form you…

    Love to sing to, Jean:)

  28. I really Love n appreciate ur organisations,your blessed voice n lovely songs.AMEN!
    Am Upendo from Tanzania-Moshi

  29. i really like u guys so much am a boy 19yrs from Ghana i and my group like u keep it up God bless…..

  30. heritage singers, this is one of my best ever singers amongst the singing groups I’ve been listening to and watch. Since when I was 10yrs till now heritage is still harmonious to me…only wish that I have cd’s to watch and to show to my kids…it is hard to get it here in Rabi, Fiji….most of your songs from the 80′s is one of my favourite and I even practice and sing them in church…a Banaban part Kiribati, writing all the way from Rabi island , Fiji group
    May the Lord continue to bless your ministry in singing

  31. I love heritage music when I was a kid and even now.

    Please can you send some music please?

  32. Hi to the whole Heritage family, my herat now is almost exploding of bliss, you are ADVENTIST like me!!!!!! for a long time I listen to your songs but I thought you were of other religion, but the way I like you and your musics it’s not easy to explain. Thanks Lord by the gift you have given me. That the blessings of OUR Almight God go on falling over you. I live in PORTO VELHO – RONDONIA – BRASIL. My address is: Pinheiro Machado street, number 4660 – Porto Velho- RO.

  33. Hellow to all Heriitage singers! every day before i go to work, it is a must to listen to your music. thank you so much you are so cool. My name is Malerato Makoko All the way from LESOTHO.

  34. Thanks, keep it up

  35. Hi Max n Lucy God bless you for the tireless effort for bringing the singing ministry this far with the help of the Lord…

    I praise God for the wounderful vibrant voices you all singers have to sing for the Lord that uplift a dying soul and also reminds that there is a God who cares for mankind regardless of how sinful we are….

    The songs a like medic that heals my soul personlly and gives mi strength to look up to God the Father. I praise God for having u heritage SDA gosple singers on earth..Love u all n keep singing for the Lord until Jesus comes…
    Margaret also Adventist from Papau New Guinea…

  36. Hi Max and Lucy, I praise God with you for using you so effectively in ministering in music to so many of us all over the world. Keep pressing forward in Jesus’ name. I too sing and write sons to lift up our Saviour and King.
    I an a Seventh-day Adventist who truly believe that Jesus is coming again and sooner than we think. So keep this ministry going and God bless every one of you as you continue in His way.
    I an from Trinidad and Tobago. My wish is that I can see you perform live some day. .

  37. Hi Heritage Singers! Please do not disband or depart from the ministry you now enjoy. Do not allow complaceny to creap in too. Sing for glory and lets lookforward to meeting each other in heaven. Remember the world is watching a heavenly miniature. I just want to thank Tim Davis, Gath Gabriel, Paulette Nelson and the Mace brothers for their respective songs. They touched me at a time when my world was about to collapse and am planning to get baptised very soon, all because of you all. There are many like every wher. In a nutshell, my people are friendly but neglected by our government. Thanks to Max and Lucy for engineering the formation nurturing of Heritage Singers, your CDs are being played in primitive stone age villages in my province and is getting momentum.

  38. i love your songs, we will praise jehova God unto he comes to take us home.may God be with you

  39. ijust wanted to order other dvds, for heritag singers which music shop can i find it on south africa

    Your cooperation is highly appreciated in this matter
    Thank you

  40. I’ve been an ardened fan for 4 decades. I sorely need the lyrics of .We are all His children to sing next Sabbath any one out I pray can type it here..Many thanks.Godbless.

  41. Dear Heritage singers,

    I’m Bryan Duhaylongsod from Philippines. Once again, I would like you to know that I’m so much dedicated to compose religious songs , and I’ve been praying to the Lord and dreaming for a long long time that someday you will be singing my song compositions. Please pay attention of this matter because the Lord had chosen you to make known to the whole world his messages through as well singing my song compositions. Thank you very much.

  42. May the Good Lord see u through in the ministry.He has called u for a purpose and my prayer is that may He be glorified in everything u do.may many souls be brought through ur singing.remember as we sojourney in together to the promised there are many obstacles we wil face, so get encouraged God is on the led. put ur trust as a choir and individual in the Livin God.thanks so much for u sacrifice n dedication in the ministry.

  43. hey heritage singers,
    Your gr0up is my favorate singers,
    Especially Tim and Hes song Because of Love.
    I really love it,
    also scott and Hes song so amazing and Hes group faithfirst.
    i been watching your videos and it was really great.
    Keep up the singing stuff and Godbless

  44. this is aiman,

    Good day, i really want your minus one songs. Wish to have those but i cant find it. Can you help me ?
    We love to sing your songs but we dont have the minus me.
    Thanks .

  45. Hi,heritage singers im a young guy from Papua New Guinea.I’m an adventis and i have a quartert singing group that we used to sing around and withness for Jesus,but when we heard about how you(heritage) sing it encourages us to sing more thankyou and God bless your singing ministry.. Greetings Jamal.

  46. dear Heritage singers………all i want to say is that when you guys sing… take me to the feet of my Lord

  47. its note a comment,Can you please inform me, how i can get your music audio and about family would be better if i can get them in a set, and any other singers.please get me all details thanks. Annette .

  48. I like music becouse im a s.d.a from philippines im her in bahrain

  49. Hi heritage I really really love and enjoy your music.

  50. I used to listen to your music with my mother.anyways im trying to remember a mane of one particular one.(chorus goes like this)a year turns to months,months turn to weeks,and weeks turn to days.ive tried to look it up and found this web site so hopefully you can help me out.thank you and God bless

  51. M Kennedy Kobale from Papua New Guinea. A very Big fan. Music is all inspirational and Overwhelmingly encouraging lost sheep like myself to come back to the Fold. God and will continue to bless. thanks

  52. thank you heritage singers and praise the Lord for your uplifting songs. i grew up in the 70′s listening to you guys, especially when you guys had a concert in compton, ca. its been a blessing and keep it going. right now i’m enjoying and praising the Lord with your music on youtube all the way in afghanistan during my fourth deployment. to God be the glory!

  53. The heritage songs inspire me so much. May our good Lord continue to bless and flourish your singing ministry.

    • thank you…im presently deployed in afghanistan.  your music continues to inspire and strengthen the love of God for me here. God bless and thanks for the email.

  54. My name is Nigel from Vanuatu. I really love your songs. I listen to your songs at work place, at home. I believe the singing group blessed thousands of people through their songs. I understand you visited Vanuatu once but just wish if you could visit one more time.

  55. Hello Heritage singers!!! I really love your songs brethren! It lift me up, made me cry and most of all made me close to our God Almighty! Your ministry touched many souls and keep closer to God!!! I pray to our Lord that you still continue your ministry and hope someday I can hear you sing LIVE in one of your concert. I am Filipino but I now live here in u. k. with my husband and 2 kids. Please inform me if you are going to have a concert here in England. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!

  56. I really love the Heritage music. But it has really changed and becoming too rocky type of gospel music that I kinda find it disturbing the peace within. It sort of like, putting people in the mood of “party”. So please, go back to the roots – you remember the song you sang about I’ve got roots???



  57. am Saphan from kisumu city in kenya, i love your music and i thank God because He has bestowed on you such a great ability, i hope God helps me sing for him to such a great great level.its a high calling.God bless you brethren

  58. i realy love your songs…. i wish i could hear you in South Sudan……

  59. yes can I have your new album? I’m from Philippines. One of my dreams to have all your songs, wanted to sing them too.

  60. God bless your music ministry.. I

  61. I am Sylvia, from Papua New Guinea and I love Heritage Singers since my childhood,up till today the most gospel music I love to hear is Heritage and its always my favourite gospel songs..

  62. More power and blessings to share insparations whos are hungry and tersty.

  63. Hi Max, You have no idea of how you and the Heritage Singers had blessed me and even led me into doing a similar thing here in the South Pacific. I love your professionalism and your commitment to your course. Me and my wife and my children (grown up now) have really liked your music and songs and we even sing your songs…Keep it up – Peter & May Crichton from Samoa.

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