Vocal Union is an all-vocal, contemporary Gospel group from Nashville,Tennessee.  They began as a group of studio interns in 1995 experimenting with recording vocal arrangements of traditional gospel music.  The sound they produced found a niche in many churches around the country, and the decision was made in 1998 to make Vocal Union a touring group.  Since that time, Vocal Union has traveled extensively, performing for special church events, community concerts, and fundraisers. 


The group primarily travels throughout the United States, but has also ventured to select venues in Canada and Jamaica. Vocal Union has performed at a wide variety of venues including a performance of sacred Christmas music at Carnegie Hall in December of 2005 in Manhattan, New York, and two performances at the White House Christmas celebration in Washington, D.C. in December of 2006. 

The group’s fan base has spread worldwide through distribution by Word Records. Fans from Iceland, Nigeria,South Africa, Brazil, and many other countries all over the world have signed the group’s online guest book and illustrate Vocal Union’s strong international appeal.

Two Vocal Union recording projects: “Once Upon A Tree” and “All Around Me” have earned awards from the Contemporary Acappella Society of America. “Once Upon A Tree” was awarded the Best Religious Album of the Year in 2001 against stiff competition from the very highly acclaimed groups Take 6 and Acappella.

“All around me” was awarded runner up for Best Religious Album of the Year in 2005 from The Contemporary Acappella Society of America.  This album also produced the song “Livin Love” which was awarded runner up for the Best Religious Song of the Year.  The group’s most recent project: “Just Like the Old Days” was released in 2007 and is a return to the high-energy traditional sound that the group began with in 1995.  Thus far, the album has received a warm reception from audiences throughout the United States, and the group has already started putting together material for their next project. 

“Once Upon A Tree”, “All Around Me”, and “Just Like the Old Days”
are available online at the group’s website http://www.vocalunion.com, in many Christian bookstores, and in seven major international markets.

Vocal Union’s style ranges from high-energy traditional, to tight-harmony jazz and soulful spirituals, to contemporary street corner acappella. The group tailors the set list to match the demographics of the audience so everyone from the very young to the very old will find something to enjoy during their concerts. 

Many of their songs feature vocal percussion and “vocal bass guitar” to firmly establish the rhythmic element, and the inner voicing are meticulously arranged and seriously performed to perfection. The group is blessed with some of the finest soloists in Christian music and  all of them love to sing with their hearts! “Our goal is to sing the Gospel to as many as possible – whenever and wherever – to teach, uplift, and encourage!”

65 Responses to “VOCAL UNION ACAPELLA.”

  1. I like the way you sing with inspiration. Please continue spreading the good news of Lord our saviour.

    • Thank for sharing GOD’S love through song’s and music GOD WILL CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY

  2. I love the way you guys sound, growing up in jamaica this is all that was played in my house. I love it so much that i started my own group

    The Advent Brothers

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  4. love the songs! i am a member of the Seaglans Central Seventh day Adventist in Antigua.

  5. saber que vocês louvam e dão graças a Deus me alegra tanto que mesmo estando em Africa propriamente em Angola me sinto junto de vocês. Que Deus vos abençoe em vossa Carreira.

  6. are you guys adventist?

    • May the almighty continue to lift you higher with inspirational music. Please is your group an Adventist group?

  7. which church do you guys attend?

  8. i jus feel blessed whenever i hear ur music

  9. i love the songs too..are you adventist?..i am glad if you are..

  10. I love the group a lot!


  12. i love this group because it reminds me of a Gods teaching,when he said let us make man in our own image that he was not referring to the physical sense of man but one in unity with him.May God bless u all.AMEN

  13. i love this group because it reminds me of Gods teaching,when he said let us make man in our own image that he was not referring to the physical sense of man but one in unity with him.May God bless u all.AMEN

  14. hi guys its surely a blessing to haer you sing,when are you visiting zimbabwe?may the good Lord edify your ministry;stay blessed

  15. hi guys how can i get your songs i really enjoy the lords word though those songs

  16. I love The Vocal Union. I wonder if you have the CD
    “We’ve Got To Sing” In it’s complete form with all 8 voices
    (including the lead vocal) in a karaoke disc so, the words
    come up on the screen. (CD+G) I love to sing along with you
    on these songs. I already printed the lyrics,but it would be so much better to have the lyrics on the screen.
    I have gospel karaoke get to gathers in my home and I would love to sing and share these songs with my family and friends.
    I Hope to hear from you soon. Great way to honor our LORD.
    Keep up the great work men, You guys are SOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCELLENT

  17. whats your inpiration i want to start male quotert.

  18. I am so blessed hearing your song guys…
    I just hope that we Adventists would continue sharing about Christ in the best way we could…
    Keep up the goo work..
    A thousand thanks to you guys…
    God bless and more power on your endeavors…

  19. I wish you the best easter

  20. Wouul like to have you folks appear on our annual show in June of 2012. Please contact me to determine arrangements

  21. Your music still touches forever in our hearts… Love the vocal and the harmony that your songs provide. Surely, God will continue to bless you through singing to others… This is how we know true love – powerful lyrics

  22. a friend recommended that i listened to you guys, and i must say i do not regret doing so. you guys are heaven sent! you are truly spreading the gospel. Acappella music has taken a nose dive in my country- Ghana. once upon a time when we had people in my country commited to promoting acapella music. i,ve got some couple of friends who are helping spred the gospel throuh Acapella music and we want you to come join us in Ghana and help revive the spirit of true worship through vocal ministrations. praying you guys will come!


  24. From Kenya;I love your music. May the Lord bless you as you teach others with the songs that you sing.

  25. I am Daniel from India. I am a sound engineer. I love the singing, arrangement, and the mix. GREAT !! GOD bless you ALL.

  26. you guys yr cooool love you n god bless u.welcome tanzania.THE WAY ACCAPELA


  28. i luv u guys passionatly i hev 2 admit nd ur music hev olwaes bin a pilar of stregth 2 m in tryin tyms.God bles u.hpe u wil visit Zimbabwe smetym soon.

  29. love you guys all the way from Zambia (AFRICA)

  30. Keep on encouraging people through music. Your reward is in Heaven. God bless you all.

  31. oooo!! we love u gays we sonda ya dilu all of us we enjoy throug your work of sing di songs

  32. picha hazionekani

  33. i love guys ur gospel touches a lot young people in malawi

  34. you touch ma soul you bring me closer to GOD

  35. i luv dis group!u’re great,keep it up.

  36. good morning. i am amelia and live in angola in africa. i love your songs very much when i am sad they comfort me and makes me get closer to god and i would realy want to have an album from you guys. thank you god bless you

  37. I really apreciate your works,may the God bless you abundantly.Also how can i get your newly songs? Please I like very much accapella now I’m trying to make agroup of singers.May the god bless you amen

  38. ya thanks these guys they really touch hearts of people God the mighty one should take a lead in every activity

  39. vocal union your music encourage me thanks to the lord

  40. nice

  41. I lov the songs very much,but am mising them

  42. i like these guys

  43. The music u guys do says it all. Extend your ministry to East Africa

  44. sweet music guys and I wish I could download your videos. keep it up!

  45. Tthis music is the best music have ever head before I love this music. sometimes when I I’m listerning his kind of music I fill like I’m in heaven already love this.

  46. hi guys we really love your music coz we also even sing it am joey and my singing groups called the ‘EMERALDS’ says hi..

  47. your voices creating something to people

  48. i really like your songs and my group called touch voices do sing your songs to save souls

  49. The Lord’s work is great especially if there r dedicated people to do it.,may u continue being blessed..
    Regan Opere(kenya)

  50. I love and appreciate vocal union’s dedication! Your melodies indeed touch and reach lots of lives! Thank you for preaching the word through music! May God bless you all abundantly

  51. I love the songs…..

  52. Hey guys u great n lets carry on with the Lords messages with preaching n singing the sweet melodies with ur sweet voices

  53. Its nyc -pliz I. Need d cool songs ryt away

  54. Hei. Wish we kuld sing like u. But we need equipment like P.A system e.t.c. Help if u can. group name:SANCTIFIED

  55. your songs blesses us alot here in tanzania,sometimes visit tanzania

  56. Thank you for spreading the word of God by your talents No Limits…please do tell me how i can download songs and videos of you..you guys and girls are really an inspiration to us young adults..May God bless you even futher.

  57. i have been drifting from God all my life though i was raised adventist but you guys brought me back to him. Now i shall wear a robe and a crown. May God continue to bless you as you draw more to him.

  58. Hmm…!you ar the best.May you continue spreading Gods word through your SOOTHING Music.Love You Guys And May God Continue Blessing You!

  59. You ar the best.May you continue spreading Gods word through your SOOTHING Music.Love You Guys And May God Continue Blessing You!

  60. i like the way you sing God bless you mach


  62. We truly thank u for moving glory to the highest level through songs

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